Why Prescriptions Drugs Are So Expensive: How you can Cut Some of the Cost


In the past decade, the cost of prescribed drugs has increased exponentially. For some of this, the great Recession and the slow economic recovery are the culprit. The costs on most things in america have increased — a prime example of this is gas prices. While products and necessities becoming more and more more expensive is a trend in modern America, it doesn’t make these items any safer to afford. Americans are experiencing cuts in salary — and some have lost their jobs — because of the current economic state. That said, many Americans are experiencing difficulty with paying for health care and prescription medications. While people are making less overall and many are out of work, prescription costs continually rise and burden Americans who depend on them.

According to the You. S. Census Agency “National Health Expenditures — Summary: 1960 to 2009, inch an individual can health care expenditures of Americans rose from $104. 7 thousand annually in 1999 to more than double — $249. 9 thousand — in just one decade. These costs cost a lot, hard to understand, and even harder to pay. Americans never get insight as to why costs are rising, and are simply forced to pay the higher price or risk their health and lives by not buying their prescription medications.

Below is some insight as to why prescription costs are so high. Many of the popular prescribed drugs are now additionally manufactured in a universal form. This helps cut some of the cost, but even with universal forms, prescription medications are still expensive.

5 Reasons why prescription medications cost so much:

Strict Standards — The You. S. has extremely strict standards when it comes to prescribed drugs. This is important because, if the drug are not strictly analyzed, we could risk our wellbeing when taking these medicines. In addition to the place’s strict regulations, each state has specific regulations for prescription medications. Medicines have to be approved by the nation and state, which takes time and effort in all parts.

Competition — The strict limitations set by national and state regulations makes it more difficult for other programs to replicate popular medicines. While many popular prescription medications now come in a universal form, it takes time to develop these alternative brands. It’s extremely difficult to get a licence to sell prescription medications, so not many companies are able to create a universal brand overnight.

Status Quo — The field of health care moves slowly and changes over time. Whenever certain methods are in place and they work, there is no motivation to change or improve them. Pharmacists are getting their cut of the prescription costs, so from that side of the industry, there is no need for change. Buy mushroom chocolate bars online

Cost of Maintenance — In many areas throughout the You. S., drug stores are easy to visit. Every other corner you turn has a different pharmacy. This is convenient when you need something, but it’s important to consider the cost of building and operating the lots of of locations, and factor that expense into the cost of prescription medications.

Distribution — Because there are so many steps when getting prescription the necessary licenses, creating the prescription medications, signing them and getting them to the pharmacies, a large ton of men and women that spend their work days processing prescription medications. Each of these people has to be paid. It’s more than the company that creates the prescription and the pharmacologist who sells it — the manner in which drugs are created, approved and distributed comprises multiple paid people.

All of these factors contribute to the expensive cost of prescription medications in the You. S. While these reasons do not ease the financial burden that prescription costs cause, they at least explain some of the reasoning behind the relatively extreme prices. There are various ways to make prescription costs more manageable and attainable. Check with your local hospital or doctor’s office to learn about local resources. Prescription discount cards are also available through various companies who are interested in helping people help themselves. Luckily, you’re in the right place for more information about these prescription discount cards.

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