Slot Overview: Dread Apes

Playable on both online and land-based slot machines, four-reel games are a relative rarity. Players may occasionally come across this format thanks to Big Time Gaming’s efforts, most notably Donuts and Chocolates. Partnering with Stakelogic, Hurricane Games takes a risk by using a 4-reel setup for their online slot game Apes of Doom. There are really five reels in this game; however, in addition to the standard reels, there are also three multiplier reels in the space between them.

You may relax if you read the headline and imagined a Planet of the Apes-style invasion of Earth. The apes’ goals in this game are much more modest than global dominance. These bandits don’t want to take over the world and force everyone to work for them; they only want to loot a bank. What follows is a novel, perhaps even peculiar, mashup of themes associated with robbing banks, Art Deco design, heist music, and anthropomorphic simians reminiscent of Relax Gaming’s Iron Bank. Some people may be easily duped, while others would need more explanation.

Playable on all platforms, Apes of Doom offers betting options ranging from 10 pence to 100 pounds or euros every spin. This is the minimum acceptable wager. If you want to increase your chances of winning free spins without increasing your budget, activate the Super Stake feature. The game’s layout consists of 4 main reels, each of which shows a different set of normal symbols, and 3 intermediate reels, each of which shows a different set of multiplier values. The Apes of Doom slot machine is unusual in any of its two possible configurations, with either 4 or 7 reels. It is possible to find many RTP variants using statistical methods, with the best offering a return of 96%. All have a hit frequency of 4.24 out of 5 and a volatility rating of 4 out of 5.

Three or four of a kind wins occur when symbols line up from the leftmost reel. There are ten paylines and standard icons to choose from. There is modest salary for the first four. High payouts for J-A cards, and four ape-like criminals who appear strong as nails. The best return is found with the boss ape, which pays 30 times the wager for a full house and 8 times the wager for a flush. Wild symbols (the golden bananas) can be utilized to complete winning lines by substituting for any symbol other than the scatter to increase their value to the maximum payout for four of a kind.

Slot Machine’s Ape-tastic Extras

When it comes to extras, Apes of Doom doesn’t mess around too much. Inner reel multipliers, respins, free spins, a bonus purchase, and a gamble feature are all things to keep an eye out for.

Symbols for Multiplying

The central hot zone location appears on all multiplier reels. A win is multiplied by the sum of the multipliers that appear on the three hot zones. The Respin To Win feature is activated when three identical multipliers land in the hot zones but no win is produced.

Try Again, Loser!

The standard reels will spin while the corresponding multiplier reels become immobile. The multiplier will be added and applied to any winning combination after each re-spin.

Bonus Turns

When you get 3 or 4 scatter symbols, you win 2x or 10x your wager and get 10 or 15 free games. When a winning combination occurs during free spins, the total value of the three multipliers in the hot zones is applied, regardless of whether they are identical. Even if there is no winning combination, the Respin to Win feature will be activated if three matching multipliers land in the hot zones. Free spins are multiplied by +5 or +10 if 3 or 4 scatters appear during the bonus round.

Money for Spins

Free spins can be triggered at any moment during the main game if this bonus is playable for a fee. The price is 100 times the wager, but they get in right away.

Game of Chance

Players might choose to risk their winnings from the base game or not. The Gamble is played with standard face-down card games. You can double or quadruple your bet if you guess the correct card color or suit. If you make an incorrect guess, you stand to lose everything.

Judgment of the Slot Apes

To begin the review, the title is somewhat deceptive. Apes of Doom does not have any truly terrifying moments. The simians in this game are simply stealing a bank and not bringing the end of the world or doing anything really catastrophic; perhaps a security guard or manager got a sharp word when some loot was stolen from the vaults. Instead, Apes of Doom is a lovely game that might win over fans of anthropomorphized creatures. Whether you refer to it as a 4-reel or a 7-reel, the configuration is certainly unusual and stands out.

Apes of Doom are nearly courteous thanks to Hurricane’s programming. If you get three matching multipliers but no winning combination, don’t worry; you can use the Respin to Win feature to try again. Then, no matter what occurs in the three hot zones during free spins, winning lines are always multiplied. You receive a good value for your money in Apes of Doom thanks to both of these aspects. Mid-range winnings were occasionally available if decent multipliers landed at the same moment, but seldom did these features lead to anything astounding.

Apes of Doom may have a rough-and-tumble moniker, but it doesn’t seem like a punishing game if you can’t unlock all of its secrets. While the game is statistically highly variable and so may throw up the occasional surprise, it seems best suited to players who like steady wins of lesser value in a charmingly offbeat setting. It might be a good option for those who want to play a four-reel game but aren’t quite ready for the difficulty of something like Donuts.






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