Phuket Holiday Villas, Discover Your own Beach Hotel Resort in Thailand

An island of luxury and simple pleasures, extreme sports and relaxing spas, delectable and unique-tasting foods, ancient and modern architecture, frenzied and tranquil beaches, Phuket Island is, in every aspect, a land of contradicting elements. Yet, when these elements are joined together, it comes together as one word, pleasure.

Choosing the best Phuket island resort for the holidays may be tedious if you simply use travel guides and recommendations from local communities. You may PHUKET VILLA wind up doing the same most tourists do just before arriving at the island: spend too much time Internet research because there are countless Phuket beach hotels and Phuket holiday villas scattered all over the island.
If you’ll need a shortcut to finding the very best Phuket island resort and hotels, first thing you have to do is filter your search using certain categories.

Location and atmosphere
Phuket houses a number of the rowdiest and quietest resorts in Thailand. Lively Phuket beach hotels and resorts are mostly found in Phuket’s west coast, while quieter Phuket holiday villas and resorts are predominant in the east coast and the neighboring islands between Krabi and Phuket. The east coast also offers some of the very most exclusive Phuket holiday villa and resorts, which could mostly be found nearby the Phang Nga Bay National Park and surrounding islets.

Phuket only offers world-class accommodations. There are always a lot of five-star Phuket beach hotels which provide excellent facilities and services. Tourists who desire a taste of Thailand’s local culture often walk out their comfort zone and traverse the seas to step on a number of the isolated islets around Phuket. For bigger families and guests who would like to go through the privacy of a luxurious and comfortable home, private Phuket holiday villas may be rented for months.

The gorgeous white-sand beaches of Phuket are the island’s main attraction. Spectacular diving spots and golf courses are visited by sports enthusiasts all year round. Among the most used tourist’s destinations nearby the island is Phang Nga Bay where Phuket’s towering limestone cliffs and karst formations will definitely take your breath away. The James Bond Island, named following the renowned movie’The Man with a Golden Gun ‘, is visited because famous rocky pinnacle and rock formations. Sea Gypsy Island offers a remarkable sight while the island itself is a whole rock and the village is literally built on the water using stilts. Tourists also enjoy Phuket’s temples, shrines, mix architecture, museums, national parks, and nature.

Phuket is a renowned vacation location for the rich and the elite. However, even with the seemingly high accommodation rates, there are resorts that offer a mere $250 per night for a family of four. If you’re not limited with a limited budget, you can select a Phuket holiday villa for THB35,000 or $1,143 per night. The Village in Coconut Island also held occasional villa sales for private ownership, giving foreign businessmen, investors, and private individuals the chance to own property in Phuket, Thailand.

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