Parrot Breeding and the Art of Aviculture

Aviculture is the art of propagation birds. Most aviculturalists breed birds for the love of a particular species, to preserve that species, culture and home, and to generate a profit. Psittaculture is one of the most popular types of aviculture. Psittaculture, or the propagation of parrots, is increasing as the demand for parrots as pets increases.

Choosing to purchase a specialty parrot from a Psittaculturalist, or parrot breeder, has many benefits. These benefits include decreasing the capturing and trading of wild parrots, assisting in keeping its natural home, receiving a healthy parrot, and knowing the personality and background upon purchase.

As the capturing, poaching, and trading of parrots increase, more and more organizations are beginning to emerge to promote public awareness in opposition. These organizations are freely funded with the assistance of parrot breeders. Breeders can see and understand the need to help parrot species in any way they can. Most reputable breeders do not breed solely for profit, but, rather, they breed for the love of the parrot.

By purchasing from a parrot breeder, potential owners not only will be given a healthy quality pet, but also will be assisting in keeping a species and doing their part to keep specific parrot breeds off the vulnerable list. Specific species such as the wild Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot are already on the vulnerable list. Thanks to parrot breeders, however, the market for Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots in the united states is increasing and booming. Birds for sale

When buying a breeder, potential owners ought to their research, view the propagation facilities, and choose a breeder that’s not looking just to make money. By viewing the propagation facilities, an owner will become better informed of propagation practices, cage care, and nutrition. It is important to discuss an eating plan plan before moving them to their new forever home. A parrot breeder should give a detailed list of diet practices and cage care before the time of purchase, so that new owners have time to organize. Parrots are intelligent pets that stress easily. Choosing a reputable breeder that is willing to work with new owners to cross over parrots to their new home will increase the odds of a successful parrot/owner relationship.

Choosing a reputable breeder will allow parrot owners to own best companion experience possible. Not only will purchasing from a breeder aid the basis of the parrot/owner relationship, but will also help to enrich the lives of wild parrots by assisting in the keeping of their species, home, and culture.

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