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NASDAQ is a stock exchange in America that is located in New York at one liberty plaza. It is come on the second rank in the list of the stock exchanges. It works behind the New York stock exchange. This stock exchange platform is controlled by NASDAQ, inc. it was founded on 4th February 1971. This stock market made to allow investors to buy and sell stocks transparently with the computer network.

More about NASDAQ:

The NASDAQ contains almost 3200 traded companies and considered as the second biggest stock exchange the NASDAQ trades in stock trading companies its shares in multiple companies deal with different products. The companies can be deal with durable and nondurable consumer goods, capital goods, finance, energy, public utilities, healthcare, transportation, and technology. It is famous for its high tech stocks.

Not every company gets an opportunity to get listed in NASDAQ because it has some finance criteria. They should have a stock price of at least $1; outstanding stocks must have the value of at least $1.1 million. Those companies who are unable to fulfill the criteria NASDAQ small caps market are designed. This stock exchange shifts companies as per the market requirement and conditions.

It is an electronic exchange, no trading floor has been offered by this platform. In this brokers buy and sell stocks with the help of market makers. No transaction has been done directly by them. A market maker is the owner of the stocks as they handle specific stocks and holds some amount with them.        

It is a holding company that is involved in the operation of a network with its principal fully owned mainline operating subsidiary in America. It gives air transportation facility to the cargo and passengers.


Nasdaq aal at has also suffered a lot from the coronavirus crisis. In the first quarter of the corona pandemic, America lost its $2.2 billion. It is expecting the second quarter as the worst one. This pandemic brings down the hard work of a long time span. The NASDAQ American airlines have a worse balance sheet. It is ok for surviving all the profits get shrink. At a moment this airline is very cheaper compared to the other one.

At the start, this system works using a computer bulletin board and a telephone. Now, the automatic trading system works that provide all details on daily trading volume. This system also executes trades on the basis of criteria fixed by the trader. Its listing price is lower than other stock exchanges. It has a maximum price of $150000. The low price helps this to do a new transaction with high growth plus volatile stocks.


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