Electronic Cigarettes: How Do They Work?

When people talk about electronic cigarettes, they’re generally talking about vaporisers. Some people refer to electronic cigarettes as those small devices that look like cigarettes, except that that they’re made from metal. Regardless, if you’re asking how electronic cigarettes work, it doesn’t particularly matter which style you’re talking about, because they both work in a very similar way. The metal cigarettes are simply mini-vaporisers.


Why Do People Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Although we won’t understand the true effects of vaping/using electronic cigarettes for at least another 30-years, we can make a highly educated guess and say that, because they do not contain any of the tar and chemicals associated with tobacco, they are likely to be much safer than traditional cigarettes.

As well as the additional safety from a health point of view, they are also safer because they are much less likely to cause a fire than are traditional cigarettes.

Finally, you can vape indoors. With cigarettes, you are restricted to smoking only in designated areas.

In short, people use electronic cigarettes because it gives them a safer, more convenient, way of “smoking”.

How Do the Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Although they’re called “electronic”, they are actually powered by battery. You charge the battery using electricity, so that’s where the name derives.

Rather than the battery acting as a power source to power something else, it’s actually used as a heat source. When you take a drag on your electronic cigarette, you will often need to press a button at the same time. This button will activate the battery, which in turn will heat up the atomiser.

The atomiser is the part of the electronic cigarette that heats the E Cig Liquid, so that you can draw it back as “smoke”. It is not smoke in the true sense of the word; rather, it is steam or vapour. This is the reason why we call it “vaping”. Vaping is technically more correct than smoking, and it gets rid of some of the negative stigma associated with smoking.

In the true electronic cigarettes (i.e. the ones that look like cigarettes, rather than the vaporisers), the end of the cigarette will also light up. This is only for effect and it’s supposed to add to the feeling that you are smoking an real cigarette.

What Do You Need to Start Smoking E-Cigarettes

First, you will need a starter kit. Within the kit, you will find:

  1. The battery
  2. The wall charger
  3. The atomiser/vaporiser
  4. The coils, if needed
  5. The E Cig liquid

Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand how the various kits go together. Here, we have provided you with a simply overview of e-cigarettes in general, so have not particularly explained how to assemble the kit. Instead, your starter kit will come with instructions teaching you how the various parts go together and how to get your vaporiser to work.

The only decision that you need to make in terms of the starter kit is whether to buy a vaporisers that looks like a cigarette, or one that looks more futuristic. You will also need to decide on the strength of the liquid and how much of a nicotine hit you want from your e-cigarettes.

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