An Overview of El Dorado’s Infinite Reels (ReelPlay)

The word El Dorado keeps popping up in the gambling world because of its connotation with wealth and riches. It can mean either the mythical Golden Man or the city of gold, depending on whose definition you consult. As Europeans pillaged and sacked their way throughout South America, they were on the lookout for this legendary city. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to discover the legendary city. However, Australian firm ReelPlay is giving slot players a second chance.

After launching in 2014 as Chance Interactive, the studio rebranded this year to become Hypernova Megaways, with the title Hypernova Megaways standing out most because to its use of the Megaways engine, which never fails to generate buzz. El Dorado Infinity Reels, the most recent release from ReelPlay, utilizes a mechanic that was developed in-house and is actually pretty fun.

Although El Dorado can be scrolled, moved, and expanded, the standard game grid is three reels and four rows and is set against a South American forest background. There are waterfalls in the backdrop and a soft pan pipe melody is playing. The graphics are of a great quality, the icons are all unique, and the overall effect is aesthetically pleasant. Players select wager levels that range from 20 p/c up to $/€25 each spin and stakes are split by 20 to generate coin value. The game is playable on every device, and it looks great on any screen size.

In this variant, winning combos are constructed slightly differently. The game rules indicate all symbols are scatters, however it’s not quite like that. When 5 or more identical symbols appear in a left-to-right line across the reels, the player is awarded coins. As we’ll see, winning combos can also trigger the Infinity Reels bonus round.

There are 10 standard symbols in the paytable; the lower-paying ones are a variety of colored gems, while the higher-paying ones are a set of four masks. Five times as much money can be made off of the golden mask. Symbol values aren’t all that high, but the game’s growing reels and increasing multipliers more than make up for it.

In addition, there’s the Wild Native, which can increase your chances of winning by replacing any symbol other than the Temple. The return to player (RTP) ranges from 95.51% to 96.54%, depending on the free spins players choose to use. With the right settings and a mathematical model, you may expect to win rather often in the game’s base mode while saving lots of resources for the game’s features.

Features of El Dorado Infinity Reels (ReelPlay)

The Infinity Reels are the game’s hallmark, so let’s focus on them first. There are only three reels in the game at the outset. A new reel is added to the grid if a winning combination includes symbols from the reel on the far right. If another symbol is added to the winning combination as this reel spins, then a new reel will be added. This continues forever, or at least until no more potentially valuable symbols fall. It can lead to some big payouts and when the Symbol Multiplier is thrown in things really get interesting.

The Symbol Multiplier is progressive and starts at x1, and every new reel added increases the multiplier by +1. The multiplier can go as high as you like, much like the Infinity Reels.

In the course of the bonus spins, the Symbol Multiplier increases. Five or more Temple symbols anywhere in view trigger 10 free games. Before each round begins, participants can choose to either “bank,” “gamble,” or “play.” If a player has free spins banked, those spins will not be used. The next time they go off, the Symbol Multiplier will increase by +2, not +1. The maximum number of times they can be banked is three, therefore the Symbol Multiplier grows by +3 at level three and +4 at level four.

Free spins can also be used in a gambling context. If the bet pays off, the Symbol Multiplier increases by one and the bonus round of free spins begins. If the bonus spins attempt fails, they are gone forever.

Finally, Reel Play has added an extra jackpot to the game, making it even more enticing. In principle, it shouldn’t be too complicated. To win the jackpot worth 888 times your investment, simply add at least 12 additional reels on a single play. As the player racks up wins and spins, a small box in the upper right corner indicates how many spins are needed to win the jackpot. The jackpot is independent of Symbol Multipliers.

The Final Say on El Dorado: Infinity Reels (ReelPlay)

El Dorado Infinity Reels really exceeded my expectations. Gonzo’s Quest is the first slot that comes to mind when you think of a slot machine with the terms “El Dorado” and “increasing win multipliers.” Despite some superficial parallels, there is a world of difference between the two. ReelPlay has created something very different and interesting, so check it out. The success comes from the game’s blend of easy mechanics with a slew of ingenious and, at times, lucrative extras. As the reels rewind after a great win, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony plays in the background as a fittingly joyous accompaniment.

When Infinity Reels is on a winning streak, it’s just spectacular to see. The best part is that it may be just as useful in the regular game as it is during the bonus round of free spins. Having the knowledge that adding 12 additional reels will result in a jackpot further increases the game’s longevity. This is expanded upon with the opportunity to patiently bank free spins in exchange for an outrageous Symbol Multiplier. The free spins gamble feature is there for high-stakes players.

ReelPlay has succeeded admirably in many respects. El Dorado has an above-average visual appeal and sufficiently strong volatility to match its maximum win of 6,250 times the initial wager. There’s no reason the Infinity Reels idea shouldn’t be successful, and it probably will be, thanks to the progressive multiplier. Meanwhile, its first trip is a success, and there’s more to it than meets the eye. The results of the rebranding effort are evident in El Dorado, and it will be exciting to see what ideas the newly revitalized ReelPlay comes up with next.

Giza Infinity Reels is the second slot from ReelPlay to include the Infinity Reels mechanic, and fans of El Dorado should give it a try. Another game by NetEnt that uses a similar mechanism is Gods of Gold INFINIREELS.






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