Coronavirus Decontamination Solutions

Terrance Extended, the president of Premier Washing Solutions, Inc., has been getting an influx of calls from businesses that are worried concerning the pandemic.

“Folks have plenty of issues and we are finding plenty of needs in the future in and support services,” he said.

The Jenkintown-based cleaning organization specializes in providing decontamination, disinfecting, water restoration and stench remediation services. The business serves industrial clients, including churches, gyms, office buildings, high-rise apartment complexes and restaurants.

The coronavirus disaster has caused several businesses to refine in on washing and disinfecting their practices and facilities.

“The predicament is everybody else is doing all of this disinfecting, but you probably could possibly be combination damaging surfaces if you are maybe not carrying it out properly,” Long said.

He’s been educating his customers about best techniques to prevent cross-contamination.

Extended gave a good example of how combination contamination may occur if someone wipes phones in a company with a reusable rag: “If that tech is utilizing the same rag and they get to one telephone and see your face has got the virus and you utilize that rag on some body else’s telephone, you just contaminated that full office coronavirus cleaning services.”

Extended suggests that workers use disposable disinfecting wipes on surfaces at the office placing, and throw away the wipe once they use it on one item.

Premier CSI employs more high-tech equipment to remove bacteria and worms, such as an electrostatic sprayer that wraps about critical feel items like door grips and light switches. These sprayers in many cases are used to greatly help reduce steadily the distribute of attacks in hospitals and different facilities.

“We’re working having an invisible threat, therefore we have a medical approach,” claimed Extended, who has been around business for 20 years.

He said his business employs Purtabs, a chemical that can be used contrary to the novel coronavirus.

“Whenever we spray a surface and we leave it moist for one minute with this product, it may destroy the virus,” Extended said.

Realizing that viruses including the book coronavirus also present an airborne risk, Premier works on the machine that sanitizes or uniforms the air.

The company uses ATP screening, which will be commonly utilized in the health care industry to evaluate the potency of washing practices in reducing productive biological contaminations from difficult surfaces.

“I execute a post-air quality check,” Long explained.

“I’m testing for any kind of unpredictable organic materials (chemicals that might have negative wellness effects) and ensuring we’re not getting them in the air.”

Among Premier’s long-term customers is the Canaan Baptist Church in Germantown. Last week, the company washed and sanitized the church’s refuge and time attention classes which are employed for Sunday School.

“Safety storage for the congregants, readers and friends is a high goal,” said Clifton Jones, Canaan’s director of operations.

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