Best Things to do in Chicago:


The most visited section of Chicago is its large central area, which contains neighborhoods such as Downtown, River North, Streeterville, Old Town, the Gold Coast, Central Station, the South Loop, Printer’s Row, Greek Town, and the Near West Side among others.As far as Chicago’s weather goes, well let’s just claim that Chicago is a massive city so things tend to have blown out of porportion a lot more than they’d in other cities, which includes the weather. The winters in Chicago are indeed cold, but the exact same is true for most of the United States from Maine to Utah, with the exception of the Deep South and Hawaii. In fact, Chicago receives less precipitation (snow and rain) in the wintertime than East Coast cities like New York City or Boston.

Just like plenty of major cities in America, you will find two very different Chicagos: one that’s vibrant, upscale, and very safe and one other that’s poor, gang-infested, and crime-ridden. Although most of the city’s tourist attractions are well-distanced from any areas with high crime rates, it is essential to comprehend where in Chicago you is likely to be visiting, and best prevent the neighborhoods you hear have a poor reputation. Overall, the North Side and the downtown area have the good reputations, and the South and West Sides have the bad reputations, with a couple of areas being the exception.

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